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For more than 25 years I have supported people to unearth and learn to use their inherent potential as individuals and collectively. I provide people with opportunities to come together and use this collective wisdom and power in the service of their common goals, so that their organizations can thrive in harmony with their environments.

My professional life has taken me down a rich and varied path - as an actress, a university lecturer, management trainer, and organizational and leadership development consultant. On that road, there have been several recurring guiding principles that I have discovered as important questions that bring people, teams and organizations real change in their thinking and approaches, so that they can achieve sustainable outcomes:

  • What would happen if we respect and see every person as important and having something to contribute and we designed organizations that enable people to develop and use their unique capabilities?

  • What does understanding the whole, as opposed to it's parts bring us when working in organizations?

  • How can differing, even conflicting, perspectives contribute to crafting a robust and alive environment?

  • How can we use the essence/purpose of what is being done at a given time to guide people in making good decisions and taking good action?

  • What can nature teach us about how to successfully operate as organizations, teams, communities and individuals?

These questions are my guides whether through my work as a coach, consultant, mentor and facilitator; whether I am working working with organisations in transition, with individuals developing their leadership or in educational training programs. 

By holding these questions together with my clients we can develop hands on, practical and powerful methods, tools and practices that work for their unique environments.  In working with these questions as our guides we navigate our way into the future together and you are able to continue developing in your unique way long after our work together has finished.

My approach is grounded in the methods, tools, and insights that have come to be known as the Genuine Contact™ approach.  As an active member of the Genuine Contact organization, I have access to a worldwide network of professional colleagues with whom I work and share knowledge.  I am a certified Genuine Contact™ program trainer and Co-Owner.  In this capacity I am certified to provide training in all aspects of the Genuine Contact approach. 

My Background:

I was born in the New Jersey, U.S.A. and lived in the United States until 1989 when I moved to Madrid, Spain.  Since 1993 I have made my home in Amsterdam, Netherlands.  I work in English, Dutch and Spanish and have been involved both in local and international projects in all of these countries. 

I received a Bachelor of Fine Arts in Acting from Ithaca College in 1985 and a Master of Science  in Mass Communication and Intercultural Communication from Boston University in 1989.  I was first trained in Organizational Consulting and Training at the Institute for the Application of Social Sciences (IAS) from 1997 - 1999.  I have since trained in the Genuine Contact™ approach and am Certified as a Genuine Contact Program Trainer since 2011 and am a a proud member of the Genuine Contact Program Co-Owner's group.

I work in conjunction with a large international network of Genuine Contact™ program trainers and professionals and in close cooperation with the following organizations: