Leadership Mentoring

Matteo Vistocco unsplash

Develop the conduct necessary to lead so that others will lead.

Imagine you work in an environment that aspires to work collaboratively, where the people around who you lead want to bring their best, are driven and committed?   In short, imagine if in your organization or team or community is filled with people who want to the organization to fulfill its potential? 

  • What does this situation ask of you as a (team) leader? 
  • What does it ask of you as a leader to be able to support everyone in a way that engages their creativity and will to take responsibility? 
  • How can you develop the skills, attitudes and lived behaviors so that you can be the sort of leader that inspires others to lead?
  • What tools, processes and methods do you need to master in order to contribute with your leadership to your organization collectively developing a culture of leadership?

 In short, how do you develop the "conduct" necessary to achieve the results that fully embrace the new paradigm of shared leadership.

One of the most challenging and important parts of developing a healthy powerful collaborative organization is developing your own ability to lead, guide and facilitate that situation.  It requires that you step into the unknown, let go of the idea of control and risk avoidance and instead learn how to dance with and navigate change while building the capacity both in yourself and in those arounds you to work with the constant uncertainty and dynamic change that is at the center of being part of a hyper-connected world.

My leadership Mentoring is designed to support you as you build these capacities within yourself and implement them within your organization.

What do I mean by Mentoring:

A primary goal of my mentoring is to build your capacity and to help you to learn to "navigate' this new surrounding.  It is a process created around you and your specific needs and specific situation. That said at it's heart:

  • I offer a space where you are not alone in discovering and unearthing your capacity to lead in this new sitaution so that you can listen to yourself, be challenged by questions and see your situation more clearly.
  • I offer simple tools to help you look at your strategy and methods and I support you in designing the processes and actions that you will take and offer a chance to come back and talk about them together and see what you can learn as you do so.
  • If necessary and desireable, as a Mentor I can teach you tools that support you to lead in this new way, and then offer a place where you can go to look closely at what you are doing and make changes.

In short with mentoring in this way you create a space for yourself to look at your struggles and victories and to learn from them, you create an internal and external anchor for yourself as you move into this new and exciting territory.

Mentoring with me can be valuable when:

  • You are leading an organization or team where you would like people to take more responsibility and be participative and take ownership of their work, ie: a culture where everyone takes leadership for their piece.
  • You are a (Management or Leadership Team) who would like to improve your ability to work together with change and to define and design ways to do so that support people taking responsibility.
  • You (and your colleagues) are leading a community process where you want the community to get engaged.
  • You are at a turning point in your own life and want to re-explore your opportunities for development in a deep, purpose driven way.