Productive Listening Spaces

Danial Olah  unsplash

Give yourself the gift of time to listen so you can act with purpose

A famous general once said, "I don't have time to rush" meaning that he saw how, by rushing into things you can end up overlooking important information, and laying traps for yourself that you later will fall into.  In times when we seldom slow down, we could gain so much if we gave ourselves the gift of time and space to listen to our our thoughts, to hear our words reflected back at us, and to spend some precious time so that we can make more focussed action.

Listening Spaces is a product created to give you the space to think, to reflect, to connect so that your action can be better focused. It carves out a space for you to develop the habit of listening to your own thoughts and reflecting on your actions.  They allows you to:

  • Slow down for a moment to look at your situation from different perspectives.
  • Review the sorts of action you want to take figuring out what different options can give you.
  • Learn to listen to your inner voice and inner intuition, learn to pay attention to important signs from the environment that you otherwise are too busy to notice.
  • Review your actions and set out a good vision of your development to this time.
  • Learn how to carve out space for reflection in otherwise very busy times

 In short, you develop your capacity to take space instead of being thrown from action to action.

Just imagine you have that valuable time to reflect, you have a deep breath in the day.  

How Listening Spaces Work

We meet for an hour, each week at a time of day that remains stable for you either in the early morning or at the end of the business day. During that hour you have time to reflect upon what you would like to do or are doing so far.  You have the opportunity to think.  You guide the session and I act as a witness to you thoughts and a mirror.  At the end of each session we look at what has been said and explore if any actions you plan on taking need to be devised.  At the start of each session we review the past before moving into the current session.

Listening Spaces are valuable when:

  • Your work requires you to manage complexity
  • You are a leader in an organization and would like to bounce  your thoughts off of a person who is neutral
  • You need to make important decisions in a setting where you must also act fast