Powerful, Effective Meetings that provide long term, sustainable results

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Build your organisation's leadership capacity with everyone involved by using the oldest human tool for development --- collaborative meetings.

Imagine what would happen if the meetings you go to are the high point of your working day, the place where you get the best insights, do the most effective work with your colleagues and stakeholders.  How constructive, powerful and truly transformative could it be if every time you met with people you could trust that important work will be done that brings you and the organization further?

People coming together to find solutions to challenges, to tap into their creativity and create new things, and to create powerful connections among one another is part of our human legacy.  We should take them seriously, each meeting has the potential to be a powerful contribution to addressing and obtaining your goals.

One of the refreshing things about our current work/life environment is that we can no longer avoid the truth that the world is in constant change and organizations are part of the world.  The old paradigm of controlling the environment and avoiding risk by trying to make ourselves "resistant to change" no longer works. As a matter of fact, this type of thinking has been detrimental to the development of collective settings that are sustainable and able to move and shift with their environments.  Many of challenges that we are facing in our communities, organizations, teams and even in our personal lives revolves around how to thrive in constant change, taking that change as a given, instead of something to avoid. 

Once this new understanding has been won, the next question that arises is what is necessary to thrive in such an environment and from there we know that engagement is necessary, resilience and agility are necessary and maybe most importantly we need EVERYONE involved and all of their talents. No one is expendable or useless in a world that is constantly changing, We never know when some kernel of insight, wisdom or talent unseen up to this moment will become vital to our ability to survive and thrive.

This is why it is important to come together in effective ways that:

  • Power their understanding of situations and inform and stimulate their actions

  • Provide new insights and build a more complete picture than could ever be done on one's own.

  • Make use of all the diverse talent, knowledge, skill and perspective present

  • Build connection among people and deepen their understanding of one another that will helps weather the inevitable difficulties any group of people will encounter

  • Build engagement and commitment to addressing both the challenges and day to day work at hand.

In short, meetings can be a catalyst for sustainable development in times of constant change.  By focussing on the power inside people and creating the conditions that allow that power to be channeled in positive directions together with your team, or organization you can discover a well of potential you may have thought impossible.

I can work with you to:

  • Design and lead important meetings for your organization

  • Design and develop processes of sustainable development of your organization through using meetings

  • Mentor and support you to build the capacity of yourself and your organization to run great meetings and use meetings for your ongoing development

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All of my meeting facilitation is grounded in the Genuine Contact™ approach. This approach has been developed and used for the past 20+ years all over the world and in virtually all sectors. Meetings that are facilitated using Genuine Contact as the foundation includes effective planning and facilitation to create the opportunity for participants to work synergistically, as whole people fully present to the situation and aligned to collective intelligence.  Meeting this way ensures that people find innovative solutions to solve complex problems and achieve business goals.

Using Genuine Contact also means I work in a structured process that supports sustainable benefits from the meeting. By paying attention not just to the meeting, but what happens before and after too, the benefits of meeting this way continue to last long after the meeting is over.