Exploring how "Conduct" Provides Wisdom in an Ever Shifting World

In October I had the opportunity to give a talk at conference organized by the COS Collective on the subject of Wise Action and Uncertainty.  During a stormy week in October we explored how people from different sectors of society both personally and professionally can address the question "What do you do when you doing know what to do?"

The question triggered me to think deeply about this question, not only what do I do, but what is it that  has helped me to find the deeper wisdom hidden in those moments where it seems that there is no clarity on what to do, or even on what may be happening.

What I have realized is that in these moments the best support, the best action to take is to let go of wanting to "know what to do" and focus and rely on the CONDUCT that the method I use prescribe, to live fully the behavior, values, protocols and structures that form the foundation upon which "knowing" can be built. 

I'm very grateful to have taken part in the conference and all the deeper insight the experience gave me:   Set aside the illusion that you can ever "know"  anything on an analytical level when you are engulfed in a moment uncertainty and radical change and let the knowing come out of what you do and the way you do it.