Path to Organizational Health and Balance

14:00 - 18:00 on 5 March, 2018 - Driebergen, The Netherlands


In this workshop participants learn a path for re-discovering the blueprint and restoring a healthy and balanced climate in an organization. Together theyexplore the state of health in their organizations from a holistic growth perspective and develop their own perception of what is needed to achieve and maintain health and balance. 

This workshop can be taken on it's own or as a part of a 2,5 day workshop including the workshop Achieving and Regenerating Organizational Health and Balance.

You will leave this experiential, interactive workshop equipped with

• Address key questions for looking at your own organization from a practical holistic framework

• Explore knowledge of how the your worldview can impact its climate and performance of an organisation

• Share knowledge of how to increase the capacity of your organization through attending to its health and balance

• Set out simple tools to help you to restore the interior terrain in your organization

• Upgrade your perspective on organizational well-being


Doris Gottlieb (The Netherlands), Thomas Herrmann (Sweden), and Anna Caroline Türk (Germany) are joining forces to offer this training. They are highly dedicated to this approach and invest much of their energy in the development of the Genuine Contact Program and have worked closely with Birgitt and Ward Williams, founders of the Genuine Contact Program, for almost two decades.

Working together, they each bring their own specific strengths, expertise and practical insights, to provide you with a rich and varied learning experience. They teach in English, Swedish, German, Dutch, and Spanish.

As consultants they have assisted organizations such as Volvo, Etsy, World Wildlife Fund, Soundcloud, City of Gothenburg, Stena Line and the Karolinska Institute, Emancipator, in learning and applying the Genuine Contact approach to increase organizational success.


Anyone who has the interest and passion to improve the culture, health and balance in their organization or with whom they work. Anyone who is interested in having an experience of the Genuine Contact approach

It can be especially useful to you if you work in organization development or are leading a team or organization that is challenged to deliver high performance and also sees the need for strong human connection.  It is valuable for you should you want to find simple ways to assist your organization in putting organizational health on the agenda.


During this short 4 hour training               You will:

  • Create an understanding of the concrete benefits of having an organization that is functioning in a healthy way

  • Become familiar with how your worldview influences your organization

  • Learn a simple method for approaching the topic of organizational health within your work environment

  • Come away with a simple tool that you can apply to begin making improvements to your organization's health

  • Become acquainted with the Genuine Contact™ approach and our understanding of how organizational health can be a key to nourishing a culture of leadership within organizations, teams and communities




When:      05 March 2018

Where:    De Horst Estate (Landgoed), Driebergen, The Netherlands

Prices:     95€ excl. VAT

Language:   The language of the workshop will be English however Dutch, Swedish and German and Spanish can also be used.



Feel free to contact us if you have questions about this training or would like to know more about our offering of Genuine Contact™ program workshops.