Genuine Contact Face to Face Mentoring Circle

 September 6 - 7 September, 2019 - Amsterdam, The Netherlands

Mentoring Circle 2018



Each year in September we invite everyone who has taken part in a workshop from Genuine Contact Program™ (GC)  to come to a face to face Mentoring Circle in Amsterdam. These Mentoring Circles are meant to create time and space:

  • to meet one another face to face in an international setting

  • to work with and in a Genuine Contact Container together

  • to find anchors, inspiration, mentoring and build your network

This Genuine Contact Mentoring Circle is focused on creating connection and ease, and on encouraging both loosely coupled and long-term relationships.  Join us in creating this nurturing and learning space with each other. 

We understand our intention to organize these yearly circles as part of our long-term quality commitment to support people working with the Genuine Contact™ approach.




Feel free to contact us if you have questions about the Mentoring Circle or would  like to know more about joining.


This year, we are expanding our Mentoring Circle to 1.5 days. We will meet from the 6th to the 7th of September. We are excited as we continue to plan and design together. We will keep you updated about the specifics as we get closer to the day.

Staying Overnight in Amsterdam

Amsterdam can be really busy in September. If you would like to stay at a hotel here, we suggest you reserve quickly. You can find a suggestion of different hotels here.


Mentoring Circle Team 2019:  

  • Doris Gottlieb | Helga Hohn (Sponsors)

  • Bora Lee | Maya Lie (Facilitators)

    Language:   The plenary work in the Mentoring Circle will take place in English. During subgroup sessions please feel free to use whatever language is most comfortable for the group.