Individual Health and Balance

14 - 17 August Fjärås, Sweden

 courtesy of Unsplash: Urol Jovicic

courtesy of Unsplash: Urol Jovicic


If you support change in organizations it is inevitable that you will be deeply affected by the change processes you are involved in.  It is extremely important that you can rely on a solid personal foundation for optimal personal health and balance. You need to have self awareness to maintain a mentoring role so that the system can access its own wisdom. You need to to take time for self care, time to breathe and reflect.

The Individual Health & Balance workshop is a chance to build capacity to work with change as a leader and as an individual. It addresses emotional, mental, physical and spiritual health. The Medicine Wheel Tool© is used as a framework to explore your own state of health and balance and to look at improvements you wish to do. A focus in the workshop is on strengthening self empowerment and self love and learning how to manage personal energy and how to maintain a state of optimal health in stressful situations.



Doris Gottlieb (The Netherlands), Thomas Herrmann (Sweden), and Anna Caroline Türk (Germany) are joining forces to offer this training. They are highly dedicated to this approach and invest much of their energy in the development of the Genuine Contact Program and have worked closely with Birgitt and Ward Williams, founders of the Genuine Contact Program, for almost two decades.

Working together, they each bring their own specific strengths, expertise and practical insights, to provide you with a rich and varied learning experience. They teach in English, Swedish, German, Dutch, and Spanish.

As consultants they have assisted organizations such as Volvo, Etsy, World Wildlife Fund, Soundcloud, City of Gothenburg, Stena Line and the Karolinska Institute, Emancipator, in learning and applying the Genuine Contact approach to increase organizational success.


Feel free to contact us if you have questions about this training or would like to know more about Open Space Technology and how it can help you or your organization.


This training is for anyone who is deeply involved in change and wants to build grow their capacity to find balance within turbulent situations, build their resilience and step up to the challenges of navigating constant change.  It is useful for leaders initiating change, for people supporting change in organizations as well as in their own lives.


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During this 4 day workshop you will grow your capacity to live in change. 

You will leave this experiential, interactive workshop equipped with:

  • A practical holistic framework for examining personal health and balance and for achieving and maintaining long-term personal health and regaining balance rapidly
  • Knowledge of practical application of the Medicine Wheel Tool© for ongoing personal development based on archetypal principles found cross-culturally amongst indigenous people by anthropologist Angeles Arrien
  • Knowledge of how to increase your personal capacity to work within complex and energy draining situations
  • An understanding of the relationship of your inner change with the change you are seeking in your life and in your organization.




Places are limited with a maximum capacity of 15 participants.

When:      14 - 17 August 2018

Where:    Gaya Life Center, Gamla Tostaredsvägen 210 43875 Fjärås Sweden

Prices:     There are several price options depending on the type of organization you work for. 

€ 1675,00 - Employed (corporate/public)

€ 1375,00 - Small business/small NGOs

€ 950,00 - Student and start-up

Earlybird: Book by April 30, 2018 for an Earlybird 10% discount on the price of the training.

Group rates: If you would like to come together with one or more colleagues from the same organization, you will each receive a 10% discount on the price of the training. More instructions on registration page.

You can choose to stay at the venue or to attend this workshop as a non-residential participant. 

Optional Overnight Package  I

Language:   The language of the workshop will be English however Dutch, Swedish and German and Spanish can also be used.


Overnight Stay

The workshop will be residential. More information about accommodation will be provided in the coming months.